Lightning Cutter.PNG
Users Kakashi Hatake
Rank S
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Attack
Abilities Lightning Usage
Hand Signs Ox, Rabbit, Monkey
Inventor Kakashi Hatake

Raikiri (lit. lightning blade) is a stronger variant of Chidori used only by Kakashi. It earned its name through rumors saying that Kakashi once cut through a lightning bolt using the technique. The technique is formed and used in the same manner as Chidori, but differentiates in the damage that it causes, thus being classified as a S-ranked technique rather than Chidori which is an A-ranked technique. Though there are no visual discrepancies between Chidori and Raikiri, Kakashi will often correct someone if he/she refers to his technique as Chidori. Raikiri is the only jutsu that was originially Kakashi's that he did not copy from another ninja. This means he is the founder or inventor of the jutsu.

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