Puppets are special weapons only used by certain individuals. It is just like the name implies, a puppeteer controls the puppet with strings to attack the enemy. Different puppets have different unique abilities and this is basically the only power for a puppeteer. So far the only puppeteers in Naruto are from the Hidden Sand Village. So far, every puppet except for the Ten Puppet Collection of Chikamatsu, was created by Sasori but they are somehow collected by other puppeteers like Kankuro and Chiyo.


[edit] List of Puppets

[edit] Crow

Crow (Karasu, 烏)

Crow (Karasu, 烏) is a puppet originally created by Sasori, but is now used by Kankuro. Crow made its debut appearance in the anime and manga during the Chuunin exams where Kankuro was placed against Misumi Tsurugi in the preliminary matches.

Crow is primarily an offensive type puppet, with lots of hidden weapons, including poison tipped kunai and senbon, smoke/poison bombs and various hidden blades in the joints of its body. Not only that but it is also adept at working with Black Ant for combination attacks, such as Secret Black Technique: Machine One Shot (Kurohigi Kiki Ippatsu) and Poison Mist Hell: Hundred Continuous Hell (Dokukiri Jigoku: Baribari Hyaku Renpatsu).

After Gaara gets captured by Akatsuki, Kankuro pursues only to find himself fighting the creator of the puppets in his possession, which in turn leads to Crow being destroyed by Sasori.

[edit] Black Ant

Black Ant (Kuroari, 黒蟻)

Like Crow, Black Ant (Kuroari, 黒蟻) is a puppet originally created by Sasori, but is now owned by Kankuro.

[edit] Salamander


[edit] Hiruko

[edit] Third Kazekage

[edit] Mother and Father

[edit] Scorpion(Sasori)

[edit] Ten Puppet Collection of Chikamatsu

[edit] Sasori's Hundred Puppet Army

[edit] Known Users

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