Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3

North American Box Art

Developers Cavia
Publisher Bandai
Platform PlayStation 2
Release Date(s) Mar 25, 2008 (NA)

Dec 22, 2005 (JP)
Sep 1, 2008 (EU)

Genre Action Fighting
Rating (T) Teen
Mode(s) 1 player
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[edit] Release Dates

US: March 25, 2008
Japan: December 22, 2005
Europe: September 1, 2008

[edit] Game Description

This product is also called Naruto: Narutimate Hero 3 in Japan.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3, is another game from the hit anime series, Naruto. You can customize over 40 characters, giving them ultimate jutsus, and increasing their stats. Characters like The Sound Five, all of the Genin and Jonin squads, and plenty others will be at your use, with many weapons and items at your disposal. There is a versus mode, which you can fight your friends in fierce battle, and many events and mini-games.

[edit] Controls

D-Pad/Left Analog Stick- Move character
Up D-Pad- Taunt (Chouhatsu) (Some taunts have special effects)
Down D-Pad- Chakra Charge
[] Button- Throw Sub-Weapon
/\ Button- Chakra Release (Just a press of a button, it will go directly from Chakra Levels 1-3 instead of pressing it three times)
O Button- Attack Button (Tap for a chain combo)
-- If performed Chakra Release, press it to perform Kyuukyouku Ninjutsu
X Button- Jump
X then X- Nidan Jump
Tap X,X- Kousoku Idou
u+X- Oku he Jikuidou
d+X- Temae he Jikuidou
L2 or R2 Button- Guard
L1 or R1 Button- Change Sub-Weapon
Before/While hitting, tap L2 or R2- Kawarimi no Jutsu (requires Chakra to use)
d+O- Guard Kuzushi (Guard Crush)

[edit] Character List

Naruto Uzumaki
Sasuke Uchiha
Sakura Haruno
Kakashi Hatake
Anbu Kakashi
Shikamaru Nara
Choji Akimichi
Ino Yamanaka
Asuma Sarutobi
Kiba Inuzuka
Hinata Hyuga
Shino Aburame
Kurenai Yuhi
Rock Lee
Neji Hyuga
Might Guy
Hanabi Hyuga
Konohamaru Ninja Squad
The First Hokage (Shodaime)
The Second Hokage (Nidaime)
The Third Hokage (Sarutobi)
The Fourth Hokage (Yondaime)
Itachi Uchiha
Kisame Hoshigaki
Momochi Zabuza
“The Green Beast”

[edit] Unlockables/Passwords

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