Naruto: Clash of Ninja


[edit] Product Information

Genre: Action»Fighting
Producer: D3
Publisher: Tomy Corporation
Developer: Fighting
Number of Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: Teen for cartoon violence
Product Page URL: Naruto: Clash of Ninja Offical Page

[edit] Release Dates

US: March 7, 2006
Japan: April 11, 2003

[edit] Game Description

Naruto: Clash of Ninja is the first Naruto game for the Gamecube. It is a game with eight playable characters in a cell-shaded game. Each character has their own original style and is different by their signature moves from the Naruto series. Fans of the Ultimate Ninja games might be disappointed with the lack of characters and unlockables. There are very few characters and unlockables. Many fans anticipated the game to have a wide selection of characters and secret items, this is generally why the game was not as successful as predicted.

[edit] Various Modes

[edit] One Player

One player mode is the most basic mode in the game. All you do, is choose you character. Then, you will go through eight stages fighting random opponents at random stages. There is really nothing to it.

[edit] Two Player Battle

This is a mode where you play against one of your friends. Make sure both controllers are plugged in to the correct slots. Then, you will each choose your characters. Now you get to select a stage. This can also be selected at random by choosing the picture with a question mark. Now you will get to choose your overall attack power. This is similar to a handicap available in other games. Now all you have to do is fight until there is a winner. This is a great mode to practice new combinations on. It is also a lot of fun, as you get to play with a friend.

[edit] Play Against Computer

This mode is a one-player, single-match mode where you get to choose your character, battle stage, and attack power of yourself and the computer. It is the same thing as Two Player Battle, but you are going up against a computer.

[edit] Survival

A one-player mode where you compete to see how many consecutive wins you can get against the computer. Matches are a single round each, and you health is restored according to how much time is left when an opponent is defeated. This mode is one of the harder ones: especially if this is your first time playing the game.

[edit] Time Attack

A one-player mode where you compete based on the time it takes to defeat all eight opponents. Your health gauge is filled after each win. The mode ends after all the opponents are defeated. This mode is fun to try to improve your time on.

[edit] Training

This mode is just for fun and practice. You can work on moves and combinations here. If you find your opponent too easy or too hard, all you have to do is press "start" and change the conditions of the battle!

[edit] Story

The story of the game is taken right out of the first few episodes of the Naruto Anime. In this mode, you follow the storyline as the main character, Naruto Uzukmaki. As graduates of the Ninja Academy, Naruto and his friends are presented with a new challenge from their new sensei, Kakashi Hatake. Play the game to help Naruto overcome Kakashi's challenge. Then you get to help Naruto as he goes on a mission to save the Village Hidden in the Mist!

[edit] Unlockables

[edit] Capsule Machines

Capsule Machine for Collectors: Obtain Chunnin Rank
Capsule Machine for Maniacs: Obtain Anbu Rank

[edit] Character Outfits

To change the color of an outfit for any character press and hold L2 and R1, then press X. This will only work in Mission and Free Battle Mode.

[edit] Characters

Curse Seal Sasuke: Get Chunnin Rank
Kyuubi Naruto: Complete all B Rank Missions
Neji Hyuuga: Finish story mode with any character
Hinata Hyuuga: Finish Neji’s story mode
Haku: Finish Hinata’s story mode
Zabuza Momochi: Finish Haku’s story mode
Gaara: Finish Zabuza’s story mode
Orochimaru: Finish Gaara’s story mode
Note: Unlockable characters can only be used in other modes than story mode once their story mode is finished

[edit] Extra Missions

In the game there are two extra missions. These missions can be unlocked after finishing certain missions.
Mission # 11 Finish Icha Icha Paradise (99 times each pair): Complete S Rank Mission # 2 Icha Icha Paridise
Mission # 12 Collect 9,999,999 worth money: Finish all non-S rank missions (Hokage Rank)

[edit] Hidden Scrolls

These are the locations of The Hidden Scrolls for the S rank missions. The Hidden Scrolls can be obtained in any mode. This means you can use practice mode (suggested mode to use) to obtain the scrolls. In each level there is a background and a foreground so make sure your in the right one.

Ramen Shop (foreground): Hit the lanterns so each one glows red

Hokage’s Statue Stage (foreground): Jump repeatedly on the tree to the left

Zabuza’s Home (background): Wait 3 seconds on the game clock while standing on the balcony

Bridge (background): Wait 3 seconds on the game clock while standing on the boat

Yagura map with Giant Frog & Snake (background): Jump from the top of the frog to the snake and then jump back to the frog

Chunnin Testing Stage (foreground): Run through the tunnel from the left entrance and exit the right. Repeat this three times

Hero’s Gravestone (any): Attack your opponent’s support character five times

Survival Stage (background): Destroy the doll on the right 10 – 15 times

Wind Clan (foreground): Keep attacking the vending machine until the scroll shows up

Tornado Sand Map (background): Destroy 8 of the objects flying inside of the tornado

Nightly Rooftop Map (background): Stand on the tail of the right fish statue until the scroll shows up

44 Forest of Death (foreground): Attack the fish on the left 3 times

[edit] Stages

Two Villiage of Sand Stages: Finish Gaara’s story mode
Great Naruto Bridge: Complete Haku’s story mode
Zabuza’s Hideout: Complete Haku’s story mode
Kazekage’s Mansion: Complete Gaara’s story mode
Sumanigo Estate and Buddha Statue: Complete Gaara’s story mode

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