Might Guy

Might Guy

Age : 26

Blood Type : B

Born On : January 1

Current Status : Jonin

Ninja Team : Team Guy

Team Members : Neji Hyuga, Tenten, Rock Lee

Eye Color : Black

Gender : Male

Hair Color : Black

Height : 6'1

Weight : 157 lbs

[edit] History

Might Guy, also known as Gai, is yet another one of Konoha's Jonin. He is an interesting Jonin though, always wearing a green suit and speaking of youth all the time. He claims that his team is the most outhful out of the bunch. His team regards him with mixed views. Neji and Tenten find him a strong and capable ninja, but strange - whereas Lee finds him the ideal role model and does his best to be exactly like him, wearing the same clothes and having the same haircut. Might Guy is a very cheerful character, but very forgetful and tends to be a tad bit crazy at times as well. He is close friends with Kakashi, and considers him his greatest rival. They have 'battles' often, mainly rock, paper, scissors. Might Guy always expresses his losses with a cheerful attitude claiming that he will do better next time. Not a whole lot is known about Guy, but we do know that he was a very talented ninja with a lot of potential, graduating from the Academy at the age of 9 and becoming Chunin at the age of 11. Overall, Guy is a dedicated and very friendly and proud ninja who loves his team as if they were his own family.

[edit] Abilities

Might Guy activating Eight Inner Gates.
Might Guy fights with Taijutsu, doing close combat and fighting without chakra. If needed though, he can use Ninjutsu and possibly even Genjutsu, but he prefers not to. This is for two reasons. The first is because he prefers Taijutsu over other types of fighting, and the second is that he does not want to disappoint or discourage his student Lee who doesn't have the ability to manipulate chakra all that well, so he does not just Ninjutsu. Guy is a master of the Eight Inner Gates, but he uses them very rarely because of the damage they can cause to the body.

Guy not only can fight with his own techniques, but he also developed a method for fighting against the ever deadly Sharingan. This was mentioned when he fought Kisame and Itachi, he claimed that looking at the opponent's feet gave him the ability to out manuever the Sharingan eye. He revealed that he learned this technique while fighting against Kakashi, because he needed someway to defeat him. Because of this, and because of a few other factors, even the Akatsuki mention him as someone to be wary of, thus speaking of how powerful and how capable he is of fighting them.

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