Jinchūriki is a term used for the hosts of a bijuu, or Tailed Beast.

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[edit] History

Madara Uchiha claims that long ago the Sage of the Six Paths saved the world from the Ten-Tailed Beast and became it's jinchuriki. In doing so, he created the sealing jutsu that has been passed down ever since to entrap the bijuu inside the host. The bijuus after being separated by the Sage was divided among the top nations of the Ninja World. Though these bijuus can be troublesome to keep, like the Eight-Tailed Ox that broke the seal almost every time and went on rampage and killed many people before it is finally controlled by Bee, they are also power tools to measure how strong of a nation you are. Jinchurikis have been shown to be of exceptional lineage. For example, Gaara was the son of the Fourth Kazekage, Killer Bee was the son of the Third Raikage and the brother of the Fourth Raikage, and Naruto is the son of the Fourth Hokage.

[edit] Side Effects on Host

Naruto's anger releases part of the Kyuubi

There are different side effects concerning the different bijuu stored inside the host. For example, the One-Tailed Raccoon inside of Gaara gives him insomnia and when he does fall asleep Shukaku will emerge from his body completely. This was not the case for Naruto and Bee, which was the only two other jinchurikis that have gotten a lot of appearances. To Naruto, if he gets emotionally angry, the Kyuubi will start to emerge in him. This was unknown for Gaara who was never angry but more bloodlust or Killer Bee who was already shown to have full control of his bijuu during his first appearance. For the most part though, being a jinchuriki gives you a boost in your chakra levels. If you are able to harness it, you will be able to use part of the bijuu's chakra, like Naruto was able to do during Jairaya's training.

[edit] Known Jinchūrikis

[edit] One-Tailed Raccoon

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  • Gaara (Gaara is an oddity because though his bijuu has been extracted he survived due to Chiyo's sacrifice)

[edit] Two-Tailed Cat

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[edit] Three-Tailed Turtle

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[edit] Four-Tailed Monkey

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[edit] Five-Tailed Horse

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[edit] Six-Tailed Slug

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[edit] Seven-Tailed Beetle

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[edit] Eight-Tailed Ox

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[edit] Nine-Tailed Fox

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[edit] Ten-Tailed Beast

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