Users Uchiha Clan
Known Users Itachi Uchiha
Classification Dojutsu, Genjutsu, Kinjutsu

Izanami is a dojutsu utilizing the Sharingan. It is a jutsu that supposedly be able to affect the enemy regardless of their 5 senses. According to Itachi, it is a jutsu paired up with the Sharingan's other dojutsu Izanagi. It is said that Izanagi is a jutsu that change destiny, then Izanami is a jutsu that decides destiny. Like Izanagi, once the jutsu has been performed, the Sharingan that performs it will lose it's light, meaning that it will no longer be able to see.

[edit] Origin

A diagram explaining how Izanami stops Izanagi.

According to Itachi, Izanami was created for the purpose of restraining those that abused the powers of Izanagi. When a person tries to avoid the consequences a certain path with Izanagi and attempt to recreate a different path they will be drawn into the loop created by Izanami as shown in the diagram to the right.

[edit] How It Works

How Izanami works

It is used by memorizing the bodily sensation of a certain event with your eyes, let's say that is A. Then by repeating that bodily sensation creating A', the jutsu then creates a loop for the events in between A and A' in the opponent's mind. This jutsu doesn't require the opponent's five senses rendering this an unblockable jutsu. There is a way to escape the loop however. According to Itachi, there is a jutsu able to reverse the jutsu but it is too dangerous and isn't applicable during an actual fight. The other way is to "acknowledge your results and stop trying to run away from it".

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