Age : 15

Blood Type :

Born On : January 9

Current Status : Deceased

Eye Color : Brown

Gender : Male

Hair Color : Black

Height : 5'1"

Weight : 126

Haku is a shinobi with a kind heart and a gruesome past. Advanced bloodlines were feared during his childhood and civil wars erupted because of them. Both Haku and his mother were part of one, but Haku's father however, was among most others in the village, a normal blood. After discovering Haku and his mother's bloodline secret, Haku's father had his mother killed. Weak and unable to defend himself, Haku accidentally killed his father and the other villagers when his bloodline activated. Zabuza, a criminal, raised Haku as a weapon because of his abilities. Haku, believing in Zabuza because he had no one left, fell into Zabuza's control. To Zabuza, even though he used Haku as a weapon or a tool, he also cared about him, which is shown when Haku dies. Loving Zabuza by believing that he was his precious friend, Haku vowed to defend Zabuza even if it meant dying in the most painful way. His dreams were to accomplish Zabuza's dream.

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