Age : 13

Blood Type : AB

Born On : January 19

Current Status : Genin

Team Members : Temari, Kankuro, Baki

Eye Color : Light Green

Gender : Male

Hair Color : Red

Height : 4'10"

Weight : 86

Gaara is apparently someone who wishes to kill anyone who stands in his way, or who is strong, to "feel his existence". Six years back, his father, the Kazekage, ordered Gaara's uncle to destroy Gaara because he believed he was becoming too dangerous and his emotions were random and out of control. But the many attempts failed. EVERY single ninja sent was defeated by Gaara, including...his own uncle --- Yashamaru. Gaara loved Yashamaru, or... had loved Yashamaru. Yashamaru told Gaara that the Kazekage ordered him to do it. Gaara was relieved, thinking Yashamaru tried to kill him unwillingly. But then Yashamaru admitted that he could have turned down the mission but chose to do it. Yashamaru had "adopted" Gaara due to his obligation to his sister, but could never get over the fact that Gaara's birth resulted in the sister's death. Gaara's father was actually murdered by Orochimaru who disguised himself as the Kazekage and fooled everyone at the Chuunin exam’s tournament round. They found his body after the tournament as well as having found out about Orochimaru's plot. Gaara's gourd is made of sand and the blood of the victims, which he says gives him power. In battle, he uses the sand to kill off his enemies by means of the techniques called Desert Coffin and Desert Graveyard. He has a sleep spell that awakens the demon inside of him, as if he ever falls asleep, the Shikaku comes out, hence the bags under his eyes from never sleeping. The kanji on his forehead means "Love." His name means "demon who cares only for himself".

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