Deidara was formerly a ninja of Iawgakure, the Village Hidden Among Rocks. He usuallys ends most of his sentences with a grunt that is translated into either 'hmm', 'yeah', or 'un'. He used to be a hired terrorist bomber before being forced to join Akatsuki by Itachi Uchiha. Although Deidara came to enjoy the organization, he has always held a grudge against Itachi, and in turn all Uchiha, throughout the series, as he feels their Sharingan eyes look down on his abilities. When first joining Akatsuki, he was partnered with Sasori, who Deidara looks up to due to his artistic expertise. After Sasori dies, he is replaced by Tobi, and Deidara assumes the master-position.

Deidara's ability is to consume clay with the mouths on his hands and then creates his own form of art; sculptures that can explode at different intensities. Deidara is able to control any creation he makes, and they can take any form. He generally will create birds, as they can fly, which makes it easier to control and direct towards the target.

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