D. 4) Pass or Fail: Survival Test

[edit] Summary

We see that Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are in a classroom with Naruto exclaiming that everyone has already left with their teachers and even Iruka had already left whilst their group teacher is late. Naruto sets up a prank by the door. Sakura tells him off even though her Inner Sakura shouts that she loves these pranks. Sasuke comments that a Jounin won't fall for a prank. The teacher enters, and falls for it. The teacher says his first impressions are: I hate you. The teacher tries to help the group bond by having introductions and having them self introduce themself. This includes their likes, hates, dreams and hobbies. The teacher is called Hatake Kakashi, who has no intention of telling them his dislikes or likes... And doesn't tell them much. Naruto tells him that he likes Ramen, especially Ichiraku ramen, he hates the three minute wait for the water to boil (to cook ramen). His hobbies are eating and comparing ramens. He also admits that his dream is to become a Hokage and have everyone recognise him. Sakura quite obviously hints that she likes Sasuke, and openly admits that she hates Naruto. Kakashi comments to himself that girls are more interested in love than ninja training. Sasuke tells them that he hates a lot of things and doesn't like many things. His dream is to revive his clan and to kill someone. He also states that it isn't just a dream, meaning that he is intending to do just that. Kakashi then ends the introductions and tells them that they are going for a Survival training mission, and tells them not to eat anything otherwise they might throw up of what they might encounter. He also informs them that only 9 of the 27 graduates can officially become Genins. They meet at the training grounds at 5am, without eating food as told. Sakura took liberty of her diet and didn't even eat dinner last night. They wait for many hours until Kakashi shows up, late again. He tells them that the training is to get the bells that are tied to him before 12pm. The punishment for not getting them before the time runs out is that they get tied to a log, and Kakashi will eat lunch in front of the failed victim. The three figure out why he told them not to eat breakfast. Sakura asks why there is only two bells, which Kakashi responds that at least one of the three will have to be tied to the log. The person who fails, gets sent back to the Academy. Kakashi finds out that Naruto is different from all the ninjas, as they are meant to hide and conceal their presence like a ninja. Instead he opening confronts him and announces a fight. Kakashi then pulls out a book named: Icha Icha Paradise (Flirting Paradise; Come, Come Paradise). Kakashi says that it will be the same whether he reads it or not, whilst Naruto tries to attack him. Kakashi appears behind Naruto and performs a Taijutsu move: A 1000 Years of Pain, that at first glance looks like a seal. It is basically a upward thrust with two fingers clasped together up the rectum area. Naruto gets sent flying in pain and into the water while Sakura and Sasuke end up disappointed by this attack. Iruka, worried about Naruto asks to meet the Hokage about Kakashi. The Hokage hands him the book to review the list of all the students that Kakashi had taken on for the test. It shows that Kakashi had failed every single one of them. Naruto climbs up again, with Kakashi lecturing him. A lot of Naruto's replication going against Kakashi. He seems impressed by this move, which is a Jounin level technique that was used to defeat Mizuki. Kakashi presumes that Naruto could only use this technique for a couple of minutes. One Naruto had got Kakashi from behind and restrained Kakashi for a punch. In an instant, Naruto had punched one of his replications. Naruto automatically presumes that Kakashi had transformed into Naruto and a fight between the replication starts. In the end, we find that Kakashi had used the replacement technique to escape. Naruto spots a bell on the floor and falls for a common trap. Kakashi appears to lecture Naruto about his techniques, saying "Ninjas have to think beyond normal". Sasuke finally spots a chance to attack Kakashi with many shuriken and they all hit him to which Naruto calls is an overkill.

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