Users Kakashi, Sasuke
Rank A
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Attack
Abilities Lightning Usage
Hand Signs Monkey, Dragon, Rat, Bird, Ox, Snake, Dog, Tiger, Monkey, or Ox, Rabbit, Monkey
  • Type: Lightning, A-rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)
  • Hand Seals: Monkey, Dragon, Rat, Bird, Ox, Snake, Dog, Tiger, Monkey, or Ox, Rabbit, Monkey
  • Users: Kakashi Hatake, Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke using Chidori

Chidori ("One thousand birds") is a lightning technique and the only technique (in Part I) in Kakashi's arsenal that is his original creation. It was created as an alternative to adding lighting manipulation to Rasengan, which Kakashi failed to do. The user channels a large portion of lightning-chakra to the hand. The concentration of electricity formed produces a sound similar to that of birds chirping, hence the technique's name. The user will then quickly charge and lunge the technique into the target for a usually fatal blow. Since Chidori is performed at high speeds, it has been classified as an assassination technique despite the loud noise it makes.

Although the technique itself is formidable, the manner in which it is used is impractical and can even pose a threat to the user. The speed required for its use in combination with the fact that the user must charge in a straight path makes it easily subject to a counter-attack. Having the Sharingan, Kakashi and Sasuke are able to avoid this drawback due to their heightened visual perception.


[edit] Flapping Chidori

  • Type: Unknown rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)

Flapping Chidori (Habataku Chidori, lit. "Flapping One-Thousand Birds," English TV: "Chidori Lament") is more powerful version of the original formed by Sasuke in his second cursed seal form. Unlike the original, it glows black and gives off a sound reminiscent of birds flapping their wings.

[edit] Chidori Nagashi

  • Type: A-rank, Offensive, Defensive, Short range (0-5m)

Chidori Nagashi ("One-Thousand Birds Current") is a new variation of Chidori developed by Sasuke during his training with Orochimaru. The technique allows Sasuke to generate electricity from his whole body rather than just his left hand. Furthermore, he can send a current of electricity through an object in order to catch his opponent.

[edit] Chidori Gatana

  • Type: B-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)

Chidori Gatana ("One-Thousand Birds Katana") is one of several new uses of Chidori that Sasuke developed. By sending a electrical current through his chokutō, Sasuke drastically increases its sharpness allowing it cut through other weapons with ease. Moreover, if stabbed with it, an opponent will be paralyzed by the electrical current flowing through the blade into their body.

[edit] Chidori Sharp Spear

  • Type: A-rank, Offensive, Short to mid-range (0-10m)

Chidori Sharp Spear (Chidori Eisō, lit. "One-Thousand Birds Sharp Spear") is one of Sasuke's more commonly used variation of Chidori for its practicality of being able to use it from a distance. By using shape manipulation, Sasuke is able to extend his Chidori into a thin blade up to 10 meters in length. Moreover, he can separate the blade into multiple additional blades upon contact with his opponent, impaling him/her in several directions. The blades, however, are proportionately weaker than a single focused Chidori blade. Like other Chidori related techniques, Sharp Spear will numb the opponent when it hits.

[edit] Chidori Senbon

  • Type: A-rank, Offensive, Short to mid-range (0-10m)

Chidori Senbon (lit. "One-Thousand Birds One-Thousand Needles") is a technique designed to counter incoming attacks from several directions. Concentrating a Chidori current in his hand, Sasuke changes its shape into countless senbon. These senbon, traveling at high speeds in overwhelming numbers, can severely damage an opponent if caught in the barrage. Chidori Senbon can be made even more deadly if used in conjunction with the Sharingan to precisely target one's vital points.

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