Naruto Shippuden Movie 2: Bonds
Directed by Masahiko Murata
Written by Junki Takegami
Music by Yasuharu Takanashi
Distributed by TOHO
Release Date(s) August 2, 2008 (Japan)
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Running Time 92 min

Naruto Shippuden Movie 2: Bonds is the fifth overall in the Naruto film series and second in the Naruto Shippuden movie series.

[edit] Summary

The movie starts with a scene with Sasuke in a waterfall cave where he is shown to be training his chidori.

The scene moves to the Sky Ninja as they set out to air raid Konoha. Tsunade reveals that these ninjas were the sky ninjas descendants from the Second Great World War. The scene shows Konoha in chaos. When they finally ran out of chakra and had to retreat, Shikamaru with the help of Neji's Byakugan was able to follow them to their hideout. The scene moves to Naruto as he finds Shinou, an old medical doctor. The scene moves again in a medical hospital where Sakura and Hinata finds that most of the patients was treated before. They were answered by Amaru, Shinou's pupil. Amaru suddenly fainted and the scene moves later on when she reawakened with Shinou and Naruto. Amaru reveals that he is looking for Shinou because his village has been attacked by the Sky Ninjas and need help. The two decides to head out. Sakura and Hinata was sent along with Naruto to escort them.

The scene moves to Orochimaru's lair where he tells Sasuke to bring him Shinou.

Naruto and the others set out to the village by river because of the dangerous forest animals. When a Sky Ninja patrol was seen above them they had to hid quickly and Naruto took Amaru to hide in the waters. Amaru lost his precious scapel below and saved it but was stuck and could not get above water. She was saved by Naruto. This was when Naruto realizes that Amaru is actually a girl.

As they head out towards the village, Amaru notices something strange and went on ahead. She finds her village in fires. When she sets a trap of kunais, Shinou came just in time to save her. Shinou gave Amaru his head handkerchief before he dies.

As Naruto, Sakura and Hinata search for the missing villagers they came upon an ancient ruin where they met Amaru as he is possessed by Reibi, the entity of all dark forces. When Reibi mentions Sasuke, Naruto finally snapped and unleashed four tails. He was able to beat up Reibi but until the release that Jiraiya put on him stopped him. With the mention of Shinou, Amaru snapped out of it also.

Sai, Kakashi, Shikamaru, and Shino was sent to counter attack at the base of the Sky Ninjas. While Shino placed hidden bugs in the hideout, Sai distracts the sky ninjas from noticing it. Finally the bugs take effect and wiped out the sky base.

Ancor Vatian, a sky country's weapon of destruction flying foretress, awakened from the ruins and Naruto and Amaru came inside. When they went inside they meet with Shinou apparently alive. He reveals that he has been becoming a wandering doctor only in search of Reibi's chakras. He also reveals he only act kindly to Amaru so that he can break his heart. Shinou with the chakras of Reibi is able to use the Body Revival technique to have a perfect body. This body can open all eight gates without any side effect because he can completely regenerate himself everytime. Naruto and Shinou fights. Amaru reveals that she loves Shinou and as he laugh Naruto became angry and was able to beat him. Before he was able to generate, Sasuke reveals himself. Sasuke apparently has been hiding and striking chakra needles through his body so that he won't be able to regenerate. Sasuke asks him to come with him to see Orochimaru. Shinou reveals the scroll that holds the Body Revival technique and gives it to Sasuke while gaining enough time to escape to the basement. Naruto and Sasuke follows him and find Shinou merged with Reibi to become a monster. The room sucks all chakra that appears leaving both Sasuke and Naruto without ninjutsu. Sasuke decides to load him with his cursed seal's chakras and Naruto followed with the Kyuubi's chakras. Overstuffed with chakra, Naruto was able to form a rasengan from the chakra going around. Shinou put a shield to defend himself but Sasuke was able to detect the weak points and cut it down leaving him wide open for Naruto's reasengan. As the ship falls from Reibi's chaos, Amaru frees all the villagers and apparently Hinata. Naruto stays behind to completely destroy the ship. Before Sasuke flies away Naruto says to him that he will definitely bring him back to the village. When Naruto completely destroys the sky ship and falls, Amaru grabbed one of the sky ninja's flying device and rescued Naruto. As a humor remark, Naruto says that he feels all his friends when Amaru says she wouldn't leave him. The picture though shows Naruto held on to Amaru's breasts.

The movie ends with a scene with Orochimaru asking Sasuke if anything good happens. Then Sasuke was shown remembering what Naruto says and using his chidori.

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