A. 1) Enter: Naruto Uzumaki!

Episode 10
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Season 1 Episode 10

Japanese Airdate October 3, 2002
English Airdate September 10, 2005


[edit] Summary

.. The story starts out with a Nine-Tailed Fox. This nine-tailed fox was destroying a hidden village. The powerful, giant, and red fox swung it’s tails and created tsunamis, destroying the village’s ninja which were fighting against it. Thousands of ninja died due to this horrid monster. Thousands of people including someone known as the Fourth Hokage. The Fourth Hokage, who was standing on top of a giant frog ( See character biographies), used a special technique which sealed the monster away, but unfortunately, killed himself in the process. He sealed the monster into a newly-born boy. Re-construction of the village begun. His death brought pain to the village, but the Third Hokage kept the village’s ninja’s strong. Twelve years later, after the re-construction of the village, the village seems to be in peace. Well, almost in peace. Naruto, a blond haired 12-year-old boy was vandalizing the great stone faces of the Hokages! Was Naruto doing a prank? There was paint through and throughout all of the stone faces’ noses, eyes, and mouths! Naruto was stopped when his sensei, Iruka, caught him. Iruka was furious with Naruto. He tied him up and through him into the academy, as school was currently in session. In front of all the other students, Iruka was desperately trying to tell Naruto to focus on his ninja training instead of doing pranks. Naruto ignored him, and Iruka boiled up! He told all of the class to review the transformation jutsu! All the other students in the class complained and blamed Naruto for his stuborness. Iruka told the students to transform into him and that he would give them marks for it. One by one, each student in the academy transformed into an Iruka. A few students transformed into him a little off, but the majority did perfect! Next was Naruto’s turn . . . Naruto molds his energy around his whole body, and with a sudden ‘BOOM!’, steam arises all over the now-transformed Naruto. Naruto had turned into a naked, sexy woman. Naruto laughed as much as he could laugh. He explained to Iruka that it was his new transformation jutsu he made up. The ‘Sexy jutsu’. Iruka was super-angry! He chucked Naruto to the stone Hokage faces and told him to clean all the paint up! As Iruka watches Naruto clean up all the paint in disgust, he tells him to hurry up and he can go home. Naruto complains ... ‘There’s not anyone waiting at home for me anyway!’ he says. The sentence left Iruka’s face un-fixed. He asked Naruto if he wanted to go eat Ramen with him at the ramen shop, when he was done. Naruto was incredibly happy! He loved ramen! He finished up the mess in no time! Both Iruka and Naruto eat together at the ramen shop. Iruka asks him why he did that to the village’s stone Hokage faces, and he even knows who they are. Naruto is surprised that Iruka asked him such an obvious question. The Hokages are the ones who are the strongest and wisest in the village. They make really good decisions, and become the leader of the leaf village. Naruto also knows that the Fourth Hokage, the one who died twelve years ago, was the one who saved the leaf village from the nine-tailed monster fox. Naruto knew it all to well. Iruka asked him why he did that then, if he knew the Hokages were so great. It was because Naruto wanted to be better than all of them. He wanted recognition, whether it be in a bad way or a good way. Naruto wanted to be the next Hokage. Iruka chuckled a little. Naruto ignored his chuckle, and asks his sensei if he could wear Iruka’s leaf forehead protector just to see how it feels. The leaf forehead protector is a sign that the ninja is a true ninja, and a sign of graduation from the ninja academy. Iruka refuses to let him wear it, and tells him that if he passes the final graduation exam tomorrow, he’ll be able to get his own. Naruto in anxious and nervous about the next day. In the academy the next day, the teachers reveal that the final graduation exam will be over the cloning jutsu, which was Naruto’s worst jutsu. Naruto was unbelievebly tense. He stinked at creating a fake clone of himself. Naruto’s name was called, and he had to go in a small room with two judges (Iruka and a long white haired man named Mizuki). Naruto is ready to create his replication in front of Iruka and Mizuki. He molds his energy throughout his body, and creates a a replication! . . . But it’s only one, which was lying flat on the ground with it’s foot off. It looked for like a rag doll instead of another Naruto. Iruka immediately fails Naruto, but Mizuki tells Iruka that he did create a replication, and that’s what he’s supposed to do. Naruto smiles for a while until Iruka closes his eyes and explains to Mizuki that all the other students created three or more replications, while Naruto created one, which was pathetic. Was Naruto the only one who failed the exam, and will have to take it next year? That’s what it seems like. Naruto exited the building, as he saw other fathers and mothers congradulate their sons. Naruto sat on a swing by himself, sad. But Mizuki appeared out of no where and walked up to Naruto. He told him that Iruka wasn’t trying to make him fail, and instead, trying to make Naruto a stronger and better ninja. Naruto complains, and is still sad. Mizuki smiles at him, and decides to tell him something . . . He decides to tell me a little secret! Iruka right now laying in his bed, with thoughts storming through his mind. He remembers what the current Hokage (The Third Hokage) told him, and he remembers his parents dying when trying to defeat the nine-tails fox. Knocks seem to hit Iruka’s door, which makes him quickly switch to the present. It was Mizuki. He tells Iruka that Naruto has just stole a sacred scroll from the Hokage, the scroll of sealing, a scroll which contains various forbidden jutsus. Mizuki spreads the word all around Konoha, the village. The village men are angry at Naruto, and claim that he’s gone to far this time, they all spread out to find Naruto on the Third Hokage’s command. Iruka is the one who manages to find Naruto, tired with scratches all around his body. Iruka assumes he was trying to learn a technique. Naruto, not all that sad, tells Iruka to take a look at the new jutsu he mastered so he ca graduate. Iruka, wondering where Naruto got this idea, asks him. Naruto tells Iruka that Mizuki was the one who told him that if he showed Iruka one of the techniques from the scroll of sealing, Iruka would let Naruto graduate. Iruka is shocked and wondering why Mizuki would say such a thing. With a bit of thought put into it, Iruka hit Naruto to the side, making him barely miss the kunai’s thrown towards Naruto from nowhere. It was Mizuki. Instead of hitting Naruto, when Iruka blocked it, Iruka was attacked instead. Iruka wonders why this is all happening. Naruto is very confused. Mizuki threatens to kill Naruto and take the scroll of sealing to himself. He also says he’ll kill Iruka since he found out his idea. Mizuki had told Naruto to get the scroll of sealing, so he could kill Naruto, and take the scroll of sealing for himself, making people think Naruto ran away with it or just disappeared with it. Mizuki also yells to Naruto and Iruka from a tree, about a law passed down after the nine-tails battle. The law about no one telling Naruto, that the Nine-tails fox, is sealed inside of Naruto. Naruto tries not to believe it, but he knows it’s true. Why else would people not respect and acknowledge Naruto in his dream? Why was he treated like dirt? Mizuki also tells a lie, that Iruka is also mad at Naruto for killing his parents. Iruka starts to remember what the Hokage said to him this morning. He remembers the Hokage telling him, that he passed this law down because he wanted the villages people to see Naruto as a hero, for having the fox sealed in him, instead of being a villan. The Hokage had also told Iruka, that the parents’ rude way to Naruto is slowly passing down to the children (who don’t know about the nine-tails), and making Naruto a lonely child. Mizuki now throws his giant shuriken at Naruto, but Iruka seems to get in the way and saves Naruto. Naruto, very confused now, just runs away from the situation. Mizuki runs after Naruto, and Iruka attempts to chase after them both in his hurt state. It seems Naruto is running away from both. Naruto meets up with Iruka, who tells Naruto to hand over the scroll. Naruto, without saying a word, attacks Iruka, sending him flying and hurt. Iruka pants for a little while. Iruka wonders how Naruto knew ... how Naruto knew he was actually Mizuki. 'Iruka' transformed back into Mizuki and asked Naruto how he knew. Naruto smiles, and he transforms . . . He was Iruka. Which meant Naruto was hidden some place close. Naruto is actually behind the nearby tree along with the scroll, listening to Iruka and Mizuki’s conversation. Mizuki asks Iruka why he’s trying to protect the one who “murdered” Iruka’s own parents. Iruka tells Mizuki that Naruto isn’t the monster. Naruto cries behind the tree at the words Iruka says. Mizuki, who has had enough, throws his shuriken at the weakened Iruka ... Naruto comes in the way and kicks it out of the way. Mizuki is surprised while Naruto tells him that if he harms Iruka, Naruto will kill him. Mizuki, mad, challenges Naruto. Naruto quickly uses his newly learned jutsu, the Shadow Clone Jutsu. Naruto had created over 100 copies of himself, which were all real, unlike a normal replication. Iruka, now grinning, is also very surprised at what Naruto accomplished in such a little time. Naruto quickly defeats Mizuki, who is so hurt, he cannot say a word. Iruka is so happy, he tells him he has a surprise for Naruto. Naruto closes his eyes ... seconds later, Naruto is seen with a Konoha village forehead protector. Iruka congratulates him on his late graduation. Naruto, not knowing what to say, jumps at Iruka and hugs him.

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Fourth Hokage
Uzumaki Naruto
Third Hokage
Uchiha Sasuke
Haruno Sakura

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