41) Kunoichi Rumble: The Rivals Get Serious!

[edit] Summary

The episode starts with Kabuto and Gaara's companion fighting. Gaara's companion wins the battle using his puppet, and his own body. A little cutscene enters in which Sakura and Ino are in a room, preparing themselves for the battle. Ino suggests Sakura to give up, but Sakura remember of what happened in the Forest Of Death, and tells Ino that she will never give up. When the girls return to the main hall, the screen shows the next people that are going to fight... Sakura VS. Ino. Both girls get shocked. The battle starts, both girls run towards the other and start fighting, full of energy. Then Sakura stays blank for a while and Ino throws a punch at her. Then big memories of their childhood begins. Ino was Sakura's best friend. Ino tough Sakura a lot of fighting and flowers, she practically helped Sakura with everything. Ino also gave Sakura enough courage to fight. But with the pass of time, the girls were looking each other like rivals more and more. After those memories, Sakura gets conscious again, and she talks about fighting over Sasuke and she mentions that she is not a girl anymore. Time for the real fight. Both girls put her bands in the forehead, and a real battle begins.

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