39) Super Eyebrows Jealous! Lion Combo is Born!

[edit] Summary

The battle that Sasuke has was agains Yoroi. As soon as the battle starts, Yoroi places his hand in Sasuke's head to drain both Mental and Body energy. After that, Sasuke still has enough energy to kick Yoroi out with enough force, and while Naruto was encouraging him, he develops a plan, and start dodging, dissapearing and appearind behind Yoroi to hit him. Sasuke tries to make the Shadow Dance, but his seal stops him and drains his chakra. Then the seal covers all his body, and start hitting Yoroi, and finishes him using the Lion Combo kick. Kakashi and Gai are impressed that Sasuke learned Lee's moves buy just using the Sharingan. Anko... She's impressed that Sasuke won, even with the dangerous seal. Then the battle Zaku Abumi vs. Aburame Shino starts. Shino warns Zaku that if he breaks his other arm, he will not be able to fight anymore. Zaku ignores him and knocks him with the Air Slice. Meanwhile, Kakashi takes Sasuke to perform some healing techniques over Sasuke's seal. In that Orochimaru appears, and Kakashi uses the binding technique.

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