38) Sudden Death Elimination!

[edit] Summary

Sakura notices that Sasuke is clutching his shoulder in pain, and asks him to give up. The Hokage and Anko also notice Sasuke's pain, and they wanted to take him to medical care. Kakashi says that he is stubborn, and wont quit that easily. Kabuto raises his hand, and Naruto asks why he quit, and he says because he's totally tired and he can't fight more. Then Orochimaru's Teammates tell Kabuto to remember the real mission, that they want Sasuke. But Kabuto decide to leave them do the job, as he will not reveal that he is a spy yet. Sakura tries to touch Sasuke, but he slaps her hand down, he says that he will find to the end, and that Sakura can't decide his path. And, if he goes out of control because of the seal, Kakashi and the others are there to stop him. The Prelims starts. They will fight until one day, get knocked out, or gives up. It is Sasuke's turn to fight. Kakashi warns him no to use his Sharingan, as that could kill him. Sasuke is not stron enough for the fight, he can't even fight normally because the seal drains his energy.

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