37) Surviving the Cut! The Rookie Nine Together

[edit] Summary

Inside the tower, Naruto and Sakura decide to open the scrolls, and summons Iruka-Sensai. He happy announces that they passed the tests without problems, and Sasuke asks what would have happened if they would have open the scrolls during the exam. Iruka answers that they would break the rules and he was ordered to knock everyone that did so. After the explanation, Iruka expresses concern that the three are pushing themselves, and Naruto answers not to worry, because he is a Ninja now. Then Iruka thinks back when he talked to Anko, their informer. He was the one to argue that he knows their abilities better than anyone, even more thank Kakashi. Gai Sensai talks bad about Kakashi't team but he ignores him. Then Anko congratulate the 21 students that passed the ten (including the 9 rookies, Anko only expected 10 students to pass). The Hokage declares the start of the Third Exam, and then tell them the real intention of the tests: The tests where like small wars among the nations. At the end, the Hokage explains what is this test about, and Gekkou Hayate (the judge), asks permission to explain the rules.

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