29) Naruto's Counterattack: Never Give In!

[edit] Summary

Sasuke warns Naruto to run away when Naruto comes to try to help, however Naruto is hard to get rid of if he wants to fight someone. Naruto is also mad at the fact that the grass nin sent a snake to kill him. Sasuke however thinks they should run because of his strength level. Sasuke then begins to neogatiate his scroll, for their lives. Naruto angrily catches the scroll in mid-toss and gets angry at Sasuke for thinking about such a cowardly thing, because they do not know whether or not the Grass-nin will even let them go after the scroll is given him. Naruto then turns around and attacks the grass nin who summons his snake in response to the attack. Outside the Forest of Death, 3 dead bodies are found. There faces seem to be melted off. The men who found the body immediately tell Anko. Anko then asks for pictures of them and recognizes them. She thinks it is the work of “him”. She then asks for the mobilization of 2 ANBU groups, and that someone inform the hokage-sama about what’s happened. She then goes in after the people who had done this. Inside the Forest Of Death, the Grass nin is charging at Naruto repeatedly. Throughout this fight Naruto’s demon spirit is suddenly unleashed, and he attacks the snake with hell hath fury. The grass nin counters and this gives him enough time to attack Sasuke. Naruto quickly comes in to stop the attack while Sasuke just stands there shocked. Naruto repeats the fact that this isn’t the Sasuke he knows. He then calls him a “scaredy cat” which is something Sasuke said to Naruto once while fighting him. As Naruto is trying to stop Sasuke from acting so weird, the Grass nin seals away Naruto’s demon fox spirit. Sakura screams to Sasuke to help him, the Grass-nin takes Narutos scroll, and throws him Sakura quickly throws a kunai to stop Naruto from falling and continues to yell at Sasuke for not doing anything to join the battle. Suddenly Sasuke transforms into his own self, and faints. Finally Sasuke snaps out of it and is ready to fight against this grass-nin.

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