28) Eat or Be Eaten! Naruto Becomes Bait

[edit] Summary

Naruto finally finishes taking a pee, and Sasuke notices that Naruto seems much different from before. Sasuke takes action and attacks Naruto. Naruto barely dodges the attack. Sakura tries to tell Sasuke to stop. Sasuke thought that Sakura had already noticed ... noticed that Naruto's cut that Anko gave to her had disappeared. "Naruto" quickly transforms back into who he really is - a Rain Ninja. Hidden Rain ninja, Mubi, immediately asks which one of them has the scroll. Of course, Sasuke wouldn't ever give up the scroll, so Mubi decides to attack them. Sasuke jumps up into the air and with his new Phoenix Fire jutsu. Mubi dodges the technique as Sasuke searches for Naruto (in the air) behind the bush he want to go take a pee at He sees him tied up, and so, he throws a kunai to cut off the rope and let Naruto free. At this time, the Rain Ninja takes advantage of his chance. He tries attacking Sasuke by throwing a few kunai knives. Attached to one of them, was an exploding tag. Sasuke dodged Mubi's move, but Mubi quickly runs right behind him. He threatens him ands asks him for the scroll. Just in time, Naruto throws a Kunai near Mubi. It misses, but Sasuke catches it using the chakra from his feet, and throws the kunai at the enemy. He, once again, dodges it, but when distracted with trying to dodge it, Sasuke jumps up and slightly stabs Mubi. Mubi feels the pain, and runs away at once. It appears that he was alone.Once Sasuke is back on ground, Sakura asks him if he's alright. All Sasuke does is warn her that there could be other ninja along with Mubi, but apparently, there weren't any at that time. Later, Sasuke thinks of a clever idea. Sitting around and chatting in the forest, Sasuke creates a password that their team must remember, in case the same situation happens again. The password is very complicated. Sakura gets it in her head pretty fast, but Naruto takes some time. Sakura teases him about it. Naruto, a little affected, now says that he has memorized it. The password is : When you see someone, you will first ask the question "The ninja song 'Ninki'?". They will have to to respond with “We hide in the chaos of the enemy tide, quiet shinobi don't need dens to hide. The only concern is to watch and wait, until the enemy lowers the gate.” -- Suddenly, as the group finishes talking, from a nearby cave-looking area, an enourmous gust of wind hits them, and the Grass Ninja appear. Sasuke immediately conceals himself, and has no clue where Sakura and Naruto went. Suddenly, he notices Sakura behind him. He gets out his knife and puts it in front of him. He asks her to recite the password. Sakura answers correctly, so Sasuke puts his knife down and relaxes, just a little bit. And then - Naruto appears behind both of them. Sakura asks Naruto the question. Naruto answers correctly. Sakura makes a sigh of relief, but Sasuke ... throws his kunai at him. Naruto barely dodges it, commenting and complaining to Sasuke. Sakura asks him what it was this time, and says that he got it word for word. Sasuke tells Sakura that that was the problem itself. Someone like Naruto couldn't memorize something so complicated like that. It seems that Sasuke created that password for the sole purpose of catching the enemies. The fake Naruto transforms back into his original form - back into the Grass Ninja earlier. The fight is about to begin. Meanwhile, Naruto meets up with a giant snake, and gets swallowed! Back to the Sasuke fight, the Grass Ninja swallows his scroll whole, and tells him that only one person will get a scroll back, and the other will be dead. The Grass Ninja gives Sasuke and Sakura a cold stare, in which they see a violent death of themselves, just in there minds. Sakura and Sasuke are too stunned to move. The strong grass nin throws a kunai at the two, and blood fills the air. At the same time, over at Naruto in the snake, it looks like Naruto's having some trouble. Good thing he was swallowed hole, or he would've easily been dead. If Naruto stays in the snake any longer, he'll die. He tries to recall his memories of his life, and he thinks about Sasuke, whom he didn't get time to ever fight yet. With this thought, he uses his Mass Shadow Replication Jutsu, and the Giant Snake is destroyed by all the volume inside, and explodes. Naruto, drenched with white and brown Snake insides, is glad to be back. The screen fades back to Sasuke's fight, and it looks like the kunai the grass ninja threw didn't hit anybody, and instead the tree behind where Sasuke and Sakura were. They escaped. Sasuke had stabbed his leg with his knife to take away the fear by using his pain. He barely escaped the kunai with Sakura in his hands, and right now, they're hiding behind a tree. Almost as soon as they get there, and are hiding, Sakura notices another giant snake behind them! Sakura tries to tell Sasuke, but Sasuke has his hand over Sakura's mouth so she doesn't speak. Finally, when the snake approaches even closer, Sakura removes Sasuke's hand and frantically tells him what's behind them. Sasuke is surprised. He swiftly jumps away. Out of the snake, appears the grass ninja. Sasuke is frightened. He jumps away to a tree branch, while the grass ninja follows him. He's just about to get to Sasuke, when Naruto arrives and throws a kunai in front of Sasuke, to stop the snake nin from getting any closer. Sasuke and Sakura are saved, for now, atleast. Naruto's final lines right before the episode ends, are "I forgot the password".

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