154) Natural Enemy of the Byakugan

We continue with Naruto, Tenten, Neji, and Lee on their mission to stop Raiga and save the Rourusuke Family. They are currently hiding while they try to figure out a plan. The group tries to scout out their enemies, but the thick fog makes it difficult for them to see. Neji attempts to use the Byakugan to figure out where the enemy is located, but because of a mysterious jutsu being performed by Ranmaru (will be discussed later), Neji�s Byakugan does not work correctly. The jutsu infected Byakugan makes Neji believe that trees are people flowing with chakra. Neji attacks the tree, which he believes is a person. This allows Raiga to know where the group is located.

The group is attacked by lightning and knocked out. Even though Lee is knocked out he is still able to fight. Raiga and Lee begin to fight. Even though Raiga is in control of the fight, Lee is still able to knock off a bag holding Ranmaru (No one knows that Ranmaru is in the bag yet) that was located on Raiga�s back. Before Raiga can defeat Lee, Naruto awakens and returns to battle. He demands Raiga to tell him about Kisame and Zabuza. Raiga explains to Naruto that he knows both of them and hates them. After that conversation the fight between Naruto and Raiga begins.

It switches over to showing Tenten and Neji next to the bag that is holding Ranmaru. Since both are curious about what is inside the bag Neji uses his Byakugan to see that there is a child (Ranmaru) inside of the bag.

We return back to the fight between Naruto and Raiga. Naruto uses his Kage Bunshins and forces Raiga to constantly defeat them. After a while, Raiga chakra begins to decrease from fighting with all of the Kage Bunshins. Raiga attempts to run away from Naruto, but Naruto chases after him. Raiga believes that he has escaped Naruto after he creates a rockslide, but when Raiga reaches the top of the mountain he finds out Naruto has been waiting for him. Naruto uses his Rasengan and hits Raiga with it. Naruto believes Raiga is dead and heads back to the rest of the group.

After the fight, the group opens up the bag to see Ranmaru inside of it. Ranmaru tells them how his kekkei genkai allows him to create illusions (like trees being people with chakra flowing through them) and see through walls. Ranmaru explains how he worked with Raiga. They became a pair where Ranmaru would be the eyes, while Raiga would be the body. This relationship is supposed to be seen as a similar one to Zabuza and Haku. The group heads back to the Curry of Life Shop with Ranmaru as their captive.

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